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About MR Cool


While rapidly approaching 40 years of service to the greater Fresno Area, Donald P Dick Air Conditioning has remained at the forefront of the developing technology as it applies to the HVAC industry. We were the first to adopt zoning in the new construction market, and have continued to stay ahead of the latest Title-24 Compliance changes.

MR Cool remains an avid supporter today of many state and national groups, including many of those below. We are already seeking out the next evolution in the company by expanding into the Home Performance field, adding Solar/PV and Insulation to the list of services we provide.

We also maintain a prominent position with the HVAC Manufacturers and have been honored by them with special distinctions. We are proud to be the only HVAC Contractor in the San Joaquin valley to receive these distinctions.

The History

Donald P Dick was born in Fresno, California and has spent his entire life in the greater Fresno area, except for his time served with the United States Air Force. Don grew up working in his father's plumbing business, into his adult years. Heating was part of the plumber's job at the time, and when he returned from his time served in the Air Force, Air Conditioning, as a trade, was in its infancy as it applied to residential markets. Donald J Dick Plumbing and Heating became a full-fledged Air Conditioning company through Donald P's leadership.

Don and his wife Bev were raising their four children when on April 1, 1964 their fifth child: MR Cool was born.

Don had a dream, and on September 1st, 1970, Donald P Dick Air Conditioning started on the path that leaves us where we are today.

The foundation of the company was built on the fact that you could run a business and treat a customer fairly, merely by remaining honest and working hard. That integrity is the cornerstone of the business and has not changed as Don's children, and now grandchildren, carry on the traditions that he started.

Donald P Dick Air Conditioning is a family business in every sense of the word. Many of our employees have worked here over thirty years, and for some, it is the only job they've ever had. The employees and their families are what make Donald P Dick Air Conditioning special. Each and every employee is trained and taught the company standards of honesty, hard work, and to treat those who we are fortunate enough to work for as a member of our extended family.

In return, the company attempts to take care of their needs by providing a safe place to work, a good wage, health insurance to the employee and their family, retirement fund, and probably most important, a friendly shoulder to lean on.

The company has grown from just a couple of employees, but the values set forth by Donald P Dick all those years ago, still holds true today. We are committed to exceeding all our customers' standards, and to lead the way in both comfort and technology as it applies to the HVAC industry in the greater Fresno Area.

We are Donald P Dick Air Conditioning. We are MR Cool.