MR Cool's Construction Department

Donald P Dick Air Conditioning has been performing new installations in the greater Fresno area for 40 years. New Residential Construction, both tract and custom homes, has been our primary focus over the last ten years as Residential Construction exploded in the local market.

As the Residential Market has slowed with the downturn in our national economy, we've been able to move back laterally into the small commercial markets as well. We strive to do both Direct-to-Builder projcets and Tennant Improvement projects. In recent years we've completed projects as small as laundramats, and as large as the Swim America Indoor Swimming Complex.

In addition to working in both new Tract and Commercial building, we also provide HVAC for a variety of custom builders in the area, both in new construction and remodels. With many homes growing to 7,000 square feet and beyond, high efficiency and multi-stage equipment becomes a practical necessity.

So, if you have a construction or remodel project coming up, don't hestitate to call MR Cool and see if our 40 years of experience in the HVAC world can help you!

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