What does MR Cool have to offer?

Donald P Dick Air Conditioning remains at the top of the building standards in many areas relating to the Heating and Air Conditioning industry.

New Construction

MR Cool is an HVAC Contractor specializing in New Residential Construction. We have nearly 40 years of experience in providing Air Conditioning and Heating Systems for new homes in the greater Fresno area. Whether it is a tract home or a custom home, you'll be very happy to have a MR Cool installed Air Conditioning System. Donald P Dick Air Conditioning has stayed at the forefront of the technology curve as it applies to the HVAC industry, and we apply new technologies every day.

Service and Repair

As a New Construction Contractor, we have always felt it important that we provide high class Service and Warranty work for the equipment we install, as opposed to hiring a third-party Service Company. It is from this idea that our Service Department was born. Since 1970, we've had a great deal of time to learn and adapt to the Service needs of our customers, and take great pride in providing easy, reliable, and fast service to our existing customers, and new customers, alike. We believe that we have the largest repair parts stock in town, allowing us to diagnose problems and repair them the same day, saving you from waiting as much as a week without service while your replacement parts are shipped from the factory.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Fittings are a critical part of the installation process for Air Conditioning and Heating equipment. In order to ensure the best price for any job, we house our own sheet metal fabrication shop, equipped with all the newest equipment to make metal fitting construction a clean, manageable, and repeatable process, ensuring only the highest quality metal fittings go into your home. The Sheet Metal shop is capable of reproducing almost anything you could need.

Duct Testing/HERS Measures

Duct Testing is rapidly becoming a mandatory part of any HVAC related project. It is already mandatory on any retrofit work performed that is ducted into the house. As the rules become more and more strict going forward regarding energy usage, Duct Testing and other HERS measures will become even more important to the homeowner, to ensure they are not wasting energy as it becomes more and more expensive.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Most people do not realize the amount of lint and dirt that accumulates inside a dryer vent. Imagine the lint trap in your dryer that you clean out between every load. Now imagine that little lint trap, but now make it 10 feet or even 15 feet long! That dryer vent, particularly in up-the-wall applications, is a major factor in how well your dryer is able to dry clothes. A clean dryer vent not only allows the dryer to dry clothes in half the time as a dirty one, but it also eliminates the potential fire hazzard, should the lint in the dryer vent ever catch fire.