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Fresno, CA, Home Performance Services by Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning

Sealing drafty windows and using a programmable thermostat are good steps toward improving energy efficiency, but assessing the energy performance of your entire home can help you reduce your overall energy use by up to 30%. Since 2002, the EPA’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program has helped over 330,000 homeowners improve their home’s energy efficiency by implementing whole-house solutions. The certified Home Performance experts at Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning can help you find the problems areas in your home and recommend solutions that will keep your home energy efficient and comfortable for years to come.

So what areas of your home are most prone to efficiency problems? One of the biggest ones is your home’s envelope. The envelope of your home consists of all the parts that make up the outside shell of your property: the walls, the roof, the windows and the doors. A second problem area is your ductwork: faulty ductwork can comprise up to 30% of your home’s total air loss, which is significant. And the third area most prone to energy efficiency problems in your home: the insulation. Poor initial installation, damaged insulation or insulation that has settled can all contribute to significant energy loss inside your home. The goal of a Home Performance appointment is to pinpoint any areas of loss in your home and provide recommendations on how to remedy the problems. In order to assess where problems may be, different kinds of tests and checks may be performed, such as:

  • Duct testing
  • Blower door test
  • Check of all major appliances (dryer, washer, hot water heater)
  • Check of HVAC system
  • Ventilation testing

Recommendations to help repair problem areas may be things like caulking, adding extra insulation, installing insulated windows and doors and duct sealing. Home performance is designed to find whole–home solutions to help your home be more energy efficient for the long–term. Are you concerned about how much energy your home is using? Call the home performance experts at Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning today and schedule an appointment!

Why Schedule a Home Performance Appointment?

The main reason to schedule a Home Performance appointment with a Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning expert is to help reduce your home’s energy usage, but there are some other benefits to consider as well:

  • Indoor air quality – indoor air quality can be a constant issue for homeowners, particularly where proper ventilation is concerned. When you schedule a Home Performance appointment with us, the quality of your indoor air will be part of our overall assessment.
  • Comfort – uneven heating, drafts and poor insulation can all lead to the same result: discomfort. Making sure you are comfortable year–round is one of the goals of a Home Performance appointment.
  • Extend the life of your equipment – when your HVAC system has to fight excess cold or heat throughout the year, it can sustain a great deal of wear and tear; in turn, this can prematurely age the system. By remedying the areas of loss in your home, your system no longer has to work under excess stress.

Call Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning for Home Performance Services in Fresno, CA

Energy efficiency is a top concern for all homeowners, and making your home as energy efficient as possible while maintaining healthy indoor air quality can be a challenge – but not when you schedule a Home Performance appointment with a Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning expert. If you’ve been looking for ways to make your whole home more energy efficient, call our Home Performance experts today and schedule an appointment for Home Performance evaluation.