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Fresno, CA Air Conditioning Installation

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Your home’s air conditioning is how you create a comfortable environment for your family throughout the year. From installation to maintenance of heat pumps, traditional HVAC systems, zone control systems and more, we have every air conditioning solution that you could possibly need to keep your home at the perfect temperature whenever you need it.

  • 80 Years of Combined Service Across 4 Generations
  • 10-Year Parts and Labor Warranties for Residential HVAC Installations
  • Knowledge to Help You Choose the Right HVAC System
  • HVAC Maintenance Program to Help Customers Save

You deserve an air conditioner in your home that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. We’re ready to install your new system, maintain an older one, and provide excellent, high-quality repairs when you need them.

Contact Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning for air conditioning installation, maintenance, and replacement in Fresno, CA.


Sizing Your AC for Installation

Air conditioners are not one–size–fits–all, and contrary to popular thought, bigger isn’t always better. In fact, when you install an AC that is either too big or too small, you could end up with a lot of problems; this is why correct sizing is so critical for any air conditioning installation. When you work with an installation expert on our team, you aren’t just hiring someone to install your AC, you are hiring an expert who will be with you from start to finish, including calculating your home’s cooling load. Many people will tell you that you only need to know the square footage of your home to determine what size air conditioner you need; this simply isn’t true. A number of factors are part of a cooling load calculation, and we know what these factors are and how to calculate them correctly.

Items to Consider When It Comes to AC Installation

There are some factors to consider when installing a new air conditioning system. Some factors may be:

  • Do you want a ducted or ductless system?
  • Do you want a system that can both heat and cool?
  • Do you plan to expand your home in the next few years?
  • Are you concerned about your environmental impact?

These kinds of questions are important because they speak to the type of air conditioner you will want to install. For instance, if you don’t have a home with ductwork, do you want to install ductwork, which can be costly, or would you rather explore the options of a ductless system? Another factor to consider is energy efficiency. Today’s air conditioners have a minimum SEER of 15, but SEER ratings can go as high as 23; do you know how energy efficient you want to be? Working with a trained specialist on our team can help you answer these questions and point you toward the type of system that will work best for your home.

We Install Air Conditioners

The experts at Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning have been installing air conditioning systems in the Fresno, CA, area since 1970, and we bring this experience to every job we have. Whether you are interested in a ductless system, a heat pump or need to replace an existing AC system, our trained and certified experts can help with your installation from start to finish. Need a new air conditioner? Call us today and schedule an appointment with one of our installation experts!

Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning provides air conditioning installation services in Fresno, CA and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional technicians.

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