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Fresno, CA, Heat Pumps by Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning

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Heat pumps wear two hats: they heat, and they cool. These complex systems are the best two-in-one solution for your home and bring optimal energy efficiency, lower average expected maintenance costs, and are overall easier to use for homeowners. Heat pumps are becoming the future of home heating and cooling, and our technicians are ready to help you make the switch to them.

  • 10-Year Parts and Labor Warranties for Residential HVAC Installations
  • Attention to Every Detail During Installation
  • Highest Standards of Customer Care
  • We Help You Find the Right Heat Pump

Our family has been helping residents of Fresno since 1970. After four generations (and counting), we’re not stopping anytime soon. Let us provide the perfect heat pump solution for your home and budget.

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How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Using a small amount of electricity for power, heat pumps transfer warm air from one location to another with the help of refrigerant. During the summer, heat pumps absorb the hot air from your indoors and transfer it to the outside; in the winter, heat pumps absorb the available heat in the air, concentrate it, and disperse the warm air into your living spaces. The key to heat pump operation is moving warm air from place to place, not generating it, which is what makes them different from more traditional heating systems. As you might surmise, the mechanics of a heat pump are fairly complex and require the assistance of an expert, no matter what the issue. The trained professionals at Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning bring years of heat pumps experience with them to every job, and can assist you with maintenance, repair, installation or replacement.

Benefits of Heat Pumps

Homeowners enjoy several benefits from heat pumps:

  • Excellent energy efficiency – because heat pumps do not generate heating or cooling, they do not use fossil fuels of any kind; instead, they use a small amount of electricity for fuel, making them very energy efficient.
  • Very versatile – heat pumps can be used with either ducted or ductless heat pump systems, making them very versatile devices.
  • Long lifespan – heat pumps have an average lifespan of about 20 years, which is somewhat longer than traditional air conditioning systems.
  • Comfortable cooling – heat pumps provide both heating and cooling in a low, continuous flow of air, which many people find very comfortable.
  • Less humidity during summer – because of the way heat pumps deliver air, they can remove more humidity.

We Install, Repair, Replace and Maintain Heat Pump Systems

Your heat provides your home with both heating and cooling, so don’t trust your heat pump needs to just anyone. Our technicians can make sure that your new heat pump is appropriately sized so that it works well for years to come. We can also take care of any heat pump repair or maintenance needs that you might have. Call the experts you can count on at Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning.

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