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Selma, CA Heating, Air Conditioning, Indoor Air Quality, and Solar Services

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We’re Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning, your local Selma, CA HVAC service for every heating and cooling task you could ever need in your home. Since 1970, we’ve provided excellent service with attention to detail that gets to the root of every repair problem you could encounter. From HVAC to total home performance and commercial services, our technicians and experts are ready to handle your next HVAC project. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and experienced craftsmanship. We look forward to serving you and the Selma, CA area.

Air Conditioning

Nothing feels worse than a hot house with no relief. We offer air conditioning installation, maintenance, repair, and full replacement. No matter what air conditioning fix you need for your home, we have the experience and service you need to get it done. Call us to schedule your new air conditioner installation, or have us repair your existing systems as soon as possible.


With so many ways to heat your home from heat pumps to furnaces and beyond, we know that the residents of Selma, CA need a versatile heating service available to them. We can install Radiant systems, thermostats, zone control systems, and more. Add our heating maintenance program into the mix, and you have everything you need to feel comfortable year-round. Don’t be afraid to give us a call for your next heating system project.

Home Performance

Your home needs to be energy efficient and comfortable to live in. To avoid "sick building syndrome" and constant heating and cooling problems, our home performance professionals install new purification systems, seal and test ductwork, and install insulation to improve your energy efficiency. Save money and live a better life with superior indoor air quality and comfort. All you have to do is call.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication isn’t a task that can be left to unskilled workers. You need professionals who understand your requirements down to the last fine detail. Mistakes in these projects are costly; shouldn’t you have a team that takes sheet metal fabrication as seriously as you do? From basic tasks to custom, intricate pieces, you can call us today to get started on your sheet metal fabrication project.

Commercial HVAC

Your business has needs that can’t be put on the back burner. Commercial HVAC specialists are ready to install, maintain, and service your commercial units to keep your customers and employees in pure comfort. Contact us today to schedule your commercial HVAC installation or maintenance as soon as possible.

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