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Fresno, CA, Indoor Air Quality Services

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We’re Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning, your local HVAC repair company that’s been serving the Fresno area since 1970. Whether you need a quick fix for your air conditioner or heater, or entire HVAC system repairs, our team of dedicated HVAC experts are here to help. We’re the only HVAC repair company you need for every project in your home.

  • Dedicated to Your Home’s Heating and Cooling Success
  • Superior Customer Service From Start to Finish
  • High Standard of Honest and Dedicated Customer Care

We understand that home improvement is a very personal project. You’re transforming the way you live your life on a day-to-day basis. We take that level of care into account and strive to help you find the perfect solution. Trust us with your home performance improvement and you won’t be disappointed.

Improving home performance with attention to detail and fast turnaround time since 1970!


Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality directly affects the way you and your family live your lives. It should always be a high priority to breathe cleaner air, and thanks to our services, it’s possible and accessible. From installing new indoor air quality systems to maintaining existing ones, we want to make sure you have the best quality of life indoors. One call is all it takes to set up your indoor air quality system.

Air Purifiers

The air you breathe is imperative to your health. To avoid "sick building syndrome" and breathe the best possible air that you can, we offer air purification systems, including UV air purifiers, for your entire home. It’s time to stop breathing in so much dust and dander, and begin taking control of your indoor air quality in an entirely new way. Call us to discuss how we can purify the air in your home during our next visit.

Duct Sealing

Air leaks ruin energy efficiency and cost you money. Sealing your ducts doesn’t have to be done often, but when it is performed you can experience shorter wait times from when your HVAC system turns on to when it heats or cools your home. Duct sealing lowers your energy bills and can help your HVAC system last longer by reducing wear and tear. It’s never the wrong time to call for duct sealing services.

Duct Testing

Duct testing is an immediate improvement for your home energy efficiency. Our technicians pressurize your ductwork to determine where leaks are, then seal them up to improve your HVAC energy efficiency. Even a small leak can affect how much effort your HVAC system has to go through just to heat or cool your home. Give us a call so you can give your AC and heater a rest.


Insulating your home is essential to your energy efficiency. Even if you have the best heating and cooling systems that you possibly can for your home, they will lose efficiency if the air they treat is leaking through your walls. We offer experienced technicians who install insulation to boost your home’s energy efficiency and save you money on monthly heating and cooling costs. Call us today to optimize your home for next season.

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