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Duct Testing Fresno CA

Your ductwork doesn’t work only by having your HVAC’s blower pushing air through it; there has to be balanced air pressure in your ductwork for the air to travel quickly and effectively to your home’s living spaces. How do you know if your ductwork is balanced? With professional duct testing service as provided by the experts at Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning.

A lot of factors can affect the pressure in your ductwork, including poor initial installation, faulty ductwork that includes holes, cracks and disconnections, and ductwork that is not properly sized for your home or HVAC system. Duct testing will tell you exactly what’s happening with your ductwork and whether or not your ductwork is in good enough shape to provide you with the performance you expect and need. It takes specialized equipment and trained experts to conduct this kind of testing, and we have those kinds of experts and equipment right here at Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning.

If you need professional duct testing service for your home in Fresno, CA, call the people you can count on: Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning.

How Is My Ductwork Tested?

To test the pressurization in your air ducts, our experts will use one of two tests (or both if needed), to determine how your ductwork is functioning. These two tests are:

  • The blower door test – a blower door test is conducted by attached a specialized tool called a blower door to the main door in your home. This apparatus is equipped with a large blower fan and several air measuring tools. Your house is sealed on the inside, and the blower door fan pulls air from the home; air leakage is detected in your home, including the ductwork, by measuring how much outdoor air escapes to the indoors.
  • The Duct Blaster test – this test is specifically designed to test your ductwork alone. The Duct Blaster is also a fan that is equipped with calibration equipment. Your ducts are sealed accept for one return duct, to which the Blaster is attached. The fan then forces air into your ductwork so your Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning technician can measure if your ductwork is losing pressure, and pinpoint those areas.

For more information on how Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning performs duct testing in Fresno, CA, give us a call today.

When Should I Schedule Ductwork Testing?

Here are some instances when you should really schedule duct testing in Fresno, CA:

  • New home purchase – if you have recently purchased a new home that uses ductwork for heating and cooling, it’s important to know what kind of shape your ductwork is in.
  • New AC or heating installation – are you building a home that needs a new HVAC system, or do you need to replace an aging, outdated one? Testing your ductwork will help ensure that you gain all the benefits your new HVAC system has to offer.
  • Every 2–3 years for your home – if you’ve been in your home for a while and aren’t moving anytime soon, it’s a good idea to have your ductwork tested every 2–3 years to ensure that the ductwork is working effectively.