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Serving the greater Fresno area since 1970


Fresno, CA, Commercial Heating Services by Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning

It’s one thing if you get a chill in your workplace, but it’s another thing entirely if employees and/or customers are complaining that your commercial space is too cold. Having a comfortable business environment is extremely important to your business, and when the environment is interrupted by poor heating, you can have more than just temperature problems on your hands. Your best solution in times like these is to call a trusted expert, like the ones at Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning. When you hire one of our trained and certified experts to manage your commercial heating, you can rest assured that you are dealing with professionals who know just what to do, whether your system needs maintenance or repair service, or you need a new or replacement commercial heating system.

For installation and replacements, our specialists will work with you to ensure that you install a system that fits the needs of your commercial space and all the people in it. If you’ve been struggling with your current commercial heating system, or simply need to schedule annual maintenance, our experts can help with that, too – just call Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning today and make an appointment with one of our specialists today!

Why It’s Important to Schedule Annual Maintenance for Your Commercial Heater

Our winters may be short, but that doesn’t mean that your commercial heater doesn’t work hard to supply your business space with the heat it needs; it also doesn’t mean that your system won’t be affected by wear and tear. Every heating system is made to work at a certain energy efficiency level, including your commercial heater; when your heater is bogged down by the wear and tear of seasons past, and potentially coated with dust and dirt that have found a home on components, the ability of your commercial heater to work at its normal energy efficiency level is compromised. This can result in higher energy bills for your commercial space.

Let an Expert Handle All Your Commercial Heating Needs

Many commercial business space owners are pretty handy, and that may include you. However, this doesn’t mean you are qualified to work on your heating system. Your commercial heating system is a complex electro–mechanical system that requires the skilled work of a trained expert. Unless you have the same level of expertise as a trained and certified professional, it isn’t worth risking your system and business space to try and save a few dollars by conducting maintenance yourself, or attempting to make repairs on your own.

We Install, Repair, Maintain and Replace Commercial Heating Systems in Fresno, CA

When you contact Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning for commercial heating repair, you are gaining access to over 80 years of heating experience. Your business is important, and our technicians are here to make sure that your business isn’t interrupted by a commercial heating problem with your business. If you are experiencing issues with your commercial heater, or suspect that it may be time for a new one, call the experts at Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning today and schedule an appointment.