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Fresno, CA Energy Recovery Ventilators by Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning

Most people don’t stop to think about their indoor air as having energy, but it does. And this energy can be put to great use: increasing your home’s energy efficiency while also improving your indoor air quality through better ventilation. Energy efficiency is always a good thing, and in an effort to be more energy efficient, many homes have become very air tight. Becoming air tight has reduced air loss issues in many homes, but at the same time, it has created a new problem: poor ventilation. So how can the experts at Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning help you improve your home’s ventilation without wasting energy? Consider the installation of an energy recovery ventilator, also known as an ERV. With professional installation of your ERV by one of our indoor air quality experts, your home can enjoy a continuous stream of fresh, clean air while your HVAC system gains the benefit of working with pre-treated air. The result is improved indoor air quality and increased energy efficiency. If you are interested to see how an ERV system can benefit your home, call the professionals at Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning today!

Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning provides energy recovery ventilator services in Fresno, CA and the surrounding areas.

How an ERV Works

An ERV has two jobs: apply the energy of your outgoing, stale air to the fresh, incoming air, and integrate that fresh, pre–treated air with your home’s HVAC system. Where does all of this work happen? Right in the core of the ERV device. Using a heat exchanger and a couple of fans, an energy recovery ventilator expels the stale air from your indoors, but as it does so, fresh air from outside is also being drawn in. These air streams meet in the core of the ERV and it is here that the latent energy from the stale outgoing air is applied to the incoming fresh air. This is critical for two reasons: first, the energy that is applied to the incoming air either warms the incoming air or cools the incoming air, depending on the season; second, moisture is either added or absorbed, also depending on the season. Once the incoming air is pre–treated, it passes through an air filter and then enters your HVAC system.

The Benefits of an ERV

As mentioned above, an ERV provides your home with a continuous stream of fresh air; this helps improve ventilation and indoor air quality. But another equally important benefit is what an ERV can do for your HVAC system, and that’s increase energy efficiency. The pre–treating process cools or warms the air before it enters your HVAC system; this means that during the summer, your HVAC system is working with pre–cooled air, and during the winter, it works with pre–warmed air. The result is that your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to provide you with either cooling or heating, and this saves you energy.

Call Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning for Energy Recovery Ventilators

As a EUC Advanced Contractor, we work hand–in–hand with our clients to help them achieve the best level of energy efficiency for their homes without sacrificing other important facets of your home’s indoor environment. When you hire a professional from Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning, we bring this knowledge and experience to the job so you can maximize all that your ERV has to offer. Have concerns about poor ventilation in your home? Call us today and set up and appointment with one of our indoor quality experts.