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Heating System Repair in Fresno, CA

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Your heater may not get a ton of use in the Fresno area, but it still comes in handy during chilly winter months. Even with light-grade use, your heat pump, furnace, or radiant system still needs repairs from time to time. Our technicians understand the ins and outs of each system, what they require for repairs, and can restore your home comfort as soon as possible so you aren’t left in the cold.

  • Repaired by Trusted and Experienced Technicians
  • Knowledgeable NATE and BPI-Certified Specialists
  • Maintenance Program Helps Lower Cost of Heating Repair Services

Your family can’t be left out in the cold. Allow our family of technicians to help repair your heater, whether it’s a furnace, heat pump, or whatever heating system you have installed. It’s time for you to take back your comfort, and we’re here to help.

Contact Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning for heating repair services in Fresno, CA and restore your home comfort as soon as possible.


Heating System Repair: What To Look For

Trained experts should always repair your heating system, but it is good for Fresno homeowners to have some basic knowledge of common heater repairs. Some common heating repairs our Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning technicians see include:

  • No heat – the most obvious of problems, a lack of heating can be cause by a number of things, depending on the type of system you have. Refrigerant leaks in heat pumps can cause a lack of heating, as can blower issues with a furnace. Because the range of possible problems is so wide, it’s always important to hire an expert to determine what the issue is.
  • Electrical problems – wires can fray and corrode over time, and if this happens with some of the wiring in your heating system, particularly with an electric furnace, operation may be hampered or even come to a stop.
  • Thermostat issues – all heating systems are controlled by a thermostat; thermostat wiring can corrode or disconnect, or the instrumentation can become dusty and dirty, which can cause problems with operation. When your thermostat doesn’t work, neither will your heater.

It can be tempting to let a working heater keep running, even with signs of problems, but heating problems don’t go away on their own; the better choice is to call for one of our expert technicians and take care of the issue right away.

Call Us for Heating Repair in Fresno, CA

Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning has been committed to providing excellent heating repair service for over 80 years. Our technicians have the certification and training to handle any kind of heating repair you may have, whether you have radiant heating, a heat pump or a furnace. Having heating problems? Don’t wait for a breakdown – contact us todayWe also provide annual heating maintenance in Fresno, CA. Don’t hesitate to schedule a heating service with us, your trusted HVAC company since 1930, Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning.

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