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Commercial Thermostat Services in Fresno, CA by Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning

Many people underestimate the power of their property’s thermostat. What do we mean by this? Without a thermostat, your commercial heating and cooling system wouldn’t be able to turn on, or know when to turn on and off. But today’s thermostats have become far more important than being just a tool to turn your commercial HVAC on and off; having a thermostat that matches your HVAC system gives you the ability to save energy and achieve better comfort, all at the same time. The key to achieving this, though, lay in working with experts who understand how complicated your commercial HVAC system is. Why? Installing and using a thermostat or thermostats for a large commercial system is very different from residential use. Plus, as the business owner, it’s important to be given the correct instructions so you can maximize the usage of your thermostat.

The trained commercial HVAC experts at Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning can help you choose and install the right thermostat for your commercial heating and cooling system, as well as maintain and repair it.

Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning provides quality commercial thermostat services in the Fresno, CA area. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

What Benefits Does an Upgraded Thermostat Offer?

You may be asking at this point, what are the benefits an upgraded thermostat can offer my commercial property? Here are some to consider:

  • Better energy efficiency – many of today’s thermostats are not only digital, they are programmable, and the programmability allows you to power down your HVAC system when your commercial space isn’t in use. When it’s time for the space to be in use, you can program your commercial thermostat to power up just before people arrive so your space is comfortable to conduct business in.
  • Less stress on your commercial HVAC system – being able to reduce the usage of your heating and cooling system means less operation; this results in less stress for the system, as well as less wear and tear.
  • Better comfort – with an upgraded thermostat, the digital face makes it possible to set an exact temperature rather than aiming for the temperature you want.

Why Isn’t This a DIY Job?

We know that many businesses have handy people on staff to help maintain the property; however, installing a commercial thermostat involves more than maintenance. There will likely be several thermostats that must act in concert with another, and your commercial HVAC system is large and complex. Lastly, every thermostat needs to connect to the electrical system in your building. It isn’t worth putting a member of your staff or your HVAC system at risk to save a few dollars; instead, let the commercial heating and cooling specialists at Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning handle all of your commercial thermostat needs in Fresno, CA.

Call Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning When You Need Expert Commercial Thermostat Services in Fresno, CA

The commercial heating and cooling pros at Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning have been helping businesses and business owners keep their commercial spaces comfortable and energy efficient for over 40 years. Our experts are trained and certified and can help you achieve the control you need over your commercial HVAC system.