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Solar Water Heaters in Fresno, CA by Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning

If you’ve ever left a glass of water in the sun for a period of time, you know how quickly the water can gain heat; this kind of energy transfer is the idea behind solar water heating. There are two ways solar energy can be used to heat water, passive or active, and the experts at Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning can help you determine which type of system will work best for your home. The main difference between the two types of systems is active mechanics: in a passive system, the natural laws of gravity are used to move the water into your home; an active system utilizes circulating pumps to push the water through the system.

An active system may also use an environmentally-friendly fluid to heat water, as you will find with a solar water heater that uses a heat exchanger to heat the water. But there’s no need to be concerned that an active system will be less effective; the solar energy generated by the system serves to power these active devices. So how do you know which type of solar hot water heater will be best for you? Your first step is to work with one of the solar experts at Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning. Our technicians will listen to your needs, explain how each type of system works, and help you choose the best option for you, your family and your home. We bring years of solar expertise to every job and client, and we have GreenPoint personnel and NABCEP Certified Solar Installers on staff to ensure you solar water heating installation goes exactly as planned. Ready to make the move to solar water heating in Fresno, CA? Call our experts today and schedule an appointment.

Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning provides solar water heater services in Fresno, CA and the surrounding areas.

Your Solar Hot Water Heater Options

There are two basic types of solar hot water heaters to choose from when you decide to go solar: integrated storage collection systems, also known as batch systems, and flat–plate collectors, also known as indirect. Batch collectors can be active or passive systems, depending on your needs. With this type of system, a collection box holds a series of tubes that are filled with water; the water inside the tubes heats up throughout the day via solar thermal energy, and once fully heated, is stored in a solar collector tank that can keep the water for months. A flat–plate collector system is an active system that has a process similar to a batch collector, but instead of heating water, the system heats an environmentally–friendly, heat–absorbing fluid via the flat–plate. Once heated, the fluid flows to a heat exchanger that resides in a hot water storage tank placed in your home, and the heat from the fluid transfers to the water in the tank, providing your home with hot water.

We Install and Repair Solar Hot Water Heaters in Fresno, CA

Understanding how solar energy works and how solar systems generate and transfer energy is critical to the successful installation and repair of these systems; these reasons are also why you should hire only trained professionals to install or repair any solar–based system in your home. The solar specialists at Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning have the training, working knowledge and expertise to ensure that your solar water heater repair or installation is done correctly, efficiently and expediently the first time around, and we can also repair, maintain and replace your solar water heater. Call our experts today and see what a solar hot water heating system can do for you.