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Serving the greater Fresno area since 1970


Fresno, CA Heating Services

While Fresno is known for its heat, those of us who live here know that it can get pretty chilly, especially during the winter months. Knowing that you have a reliable heating services company to call for repair, emergencies, installation, replacement and maintenance is critical to your peace of mind. Since the 1930s, Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning has been helping customers choose, install, maintain, repair and replace heating systems for their homes. Our heating installation experts can help you with repair or choose a new heating system that fits your home, your needs and the needs of your family. If you have questions about a new system, an existing system or are in need of repair, contact us today!

Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning provides heating services in Fresno, CA and the surrounding areas. Trust us with all your heating needs!

Choosing the Right System Heating System

There are many options available for home heating systems these days – so many that it may seem a bit overwhelming to the average homeowner. One of the best ways to start narrowing down your options is to review some simple factors with one of our trained experts. Questions such as "do you want a ducted or ductless system?" and "which kind of fuel type do you prefer, natural gas or electricity?" are important factors that will go into your decision–making. As an Energy Upgrade California (EUC) Advanced Contractor, our installation experts can also help you choose and install a home heating system that is highly effective but also as energy efficient as you want it to be. Your home heating system will be with you a long time, and working with one of our professionals can ensure that your choice is one that will benefit you and your family for a long time to come.

Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning Offers Heating Services

When you work with a trained expert, you benefit from that technician’s years of experience and industry knowledge. At Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning, in addition to each technician’s own work experience, our experts bring an additional 80 years of home heating experience with them to every customer and job. The bottom line? When you work with a Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning specialist, you can rest assured that you are getting a wealth of knowledge and expertise with every appointment. 

Other heating services provided by Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning:

 For heating maintenance in Fresno, CA or installations or repairs, or any other heating services, call your trusted heating service provider since the 1930s: Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning.