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Fresno, CA, Zone Control System Services by Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning

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Your office is too hot, but your living room is too cold. There’s a fix for that. Zone control systems allow you to change the temperature of specific rooms even with a duct-based traditional HVAC system. Using motorized dampers, you can improve your energy efficiency while controlling your comfort from room to room. We can help you find out which zone control system makes the most sense for your current home setup.

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Shouldn’t you be in control of how your family enjoys the warm and cold air in your home? Zone control systems put you in the driver’s seat. All it takes is a phone call and one of our dedicated technicians to make it happen for you.

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How a Zone Control System Works

A zone cooling and heating system works by controlling the flow of air coming through the supply ductwork via motorized dampers. This can be a tricky installation, which is why trained professionals should always handle a zone control system installation. The dampers work in conjunction with the thermostats in each zone, resulting in customized comfort throughout your home.

Benefits of a Zone Control System

Customized heating and cooling is a great benefit of a zone control system, but when you hire Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning experts to install your zone control system, you gain other benefits as well, such as reduced energy usage. How? With a zone heating and cooling system, you use only the amount of cooling or heating you need for your home; in turn, this can reduce the amount of energy you use, which will be reflected in your home’s energy bills. A second benefit of reducing your overall heating and cooling usage is reduced wear on your system: when your system only has to heat or cool select areas of your home, it doesn’t have to work as hard or as long as it does when working with a single thermostat.

Call Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning for Zone Control System Installation

When you call Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning for zone heating and cooling, you are calling on experts who bring decades of experience to each job. Zone heating and cooling requires expert knowledge about ductwork, mechanics, and the ability to work hand–in–hand with customers as the zone areas are planned. The professionals at Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning know this, so you can be assured that when you call us for zone air conditioning, you are calling a company with the seasoned professionals who can bring you the customized comfort you want and need for your home. Interested to see what a zone heating and cooling system can do for your home? Call Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning today!

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