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Fresno, CA, Air Conditioner Maintenance by Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning

When your system operates as it was made to, it brings you the level of comfort you need and expect during our hot summers. Without annual maintenance, you could run the risk of compromising your indoor comfort and putting excess stress on your air conditioning system trying to achieve your needed comfort level. Scheduling annual maintenance with our experts can help you avoid both of these scenarios. But maintenance doesn’t just help prevent repairs; it also allows your system to function optimally, which keeps it energy efficient.

When components become worn and dirty, as they will after working through a busy summer season, it is very hard for your system to operate at the level of energy efficiency it was made to. However, the cleaning, lubricating and adjusting your system gets during a routine AC tune-up keeps your air conditioner in good working order, season after season. Lastly, maintenance helps extend the life of your air conditioning system. How? Keeping your system clean and functioning optimally season after season significantly reduces the overall level of wear and tear; in turn, this helps extend the life of your air conditioning unit. No homeowner wants to replace an air conditioner due to premature aging, and the best way to prevent this is by scheduling annual maintenance for your AC.

Your air conditioner does a lot of hard work in very hot temperatures, so it’s natural for your AC to accumulate a level of wear and tear after each season. However, allowing this wear and tear to build season after season can lead to system malfunction, stress, premature aging and potential breakdown, in addition to poor overall performance. But there is a way to keep your air conditioner running optimally each year: schedule AC maintenance every 12 months with our technicians.

Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning provides air conditioning maintenance services in Fresno, CA and the surrounding areas.

What Happens During a Cooling Maintenance Appointment?

During a cooling maintenance appointment, our technicians conduct a full inspection of your system and have a list of standard checks that includes reviewing your coils, refrigerant levels and electrical wires and connections. The technician will also change your air filter to help ensure proper air flow in your system and conduct safety and performance tests. The thorough inspection of your system allows our technicians to detect any existing or developing problems, and if further repair is required, you’ll be given the chance to schedule a repair appointment and given our recommendations on how to remedy the problem.

Call Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning for HVAC Maintenance

We take air conditioning maintenance so seriously that we’ve created the Super Saver plan for all of our customers. Why do we do this? HVAC maintenance maintains or improves your system’s energy efficiency, ensures comfort and helps prevent repairs, and the best way to gain these benefits is to hire an expert to perform all maintenance on your AC. The experts at Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning provide air conditioning maintenance services, so if you are in need of air conditioner services, call us today!