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Fresno, CA Humidifiers by Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning

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The air we breathe is supposed to have a humidity level within a certain range. In Fresno, it’s notoriously dry, and that dryness can lead to dry skin, irritated eyes, and even nosebleeds under the right circumstances. Too-dry air is uncomfortable and can even irritate your respiratory system. In-home humidifiers help by providing the right level of moisture to the air to help you breathe easy while resolving the issues caused by excessively dry indoor air.

  • Control Your Home’s Humidity Better Than Ever Before
  • Humidifiers Installed by Trusted Technicians
  • Fix Whole House Humidity Issues Easier Than Ever Before

Restore your home’s comfort and humidity with one installation and access it from one point of control. Let us walk you through everything you’ll need to start taking your indoor air quality to the next level and control your entire house.

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Make Your Indoor Air Feel Better with a Whole–Home Humidifier

Humidity tends to get a bad reputation, mostly because it’s referred to when it’s excessive. The truth is that a certain amount of humidity is necessary to feel comfortable – it’s not all about temperature. And without the right amount of humidity, you may not be able to experience your indoor temperature correctly, which can lead to discomfort. This is because humidity holds heat. Excess humidity holds too much heat, but the right amount of humidity holds just enough heat to make your indoors feel comfortable. During the winter, having the right amount of humidity in the air helps hold heat and adds needed moisture to your skin and household; in the summer, humidity helps keep warmth in balance so that your temperature feels as it should.

We Install, Maintain and Service Humidifiers in Fresno, CA

Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning has been offering heating services since the 1930s and air conditioning services since 1970; as our business has grown, so has our training and product knowledge. If you are having trouble deciding whether or not a whole–home humidifier is for you, call one of our experts today and schedule an appointment. We can help you assess if a humidifier is what you need to attain the balance and comfort you want in your indoor air. Are you having problems with an existing home humidifier? Our specialists can trouble–shoot any humidifier problem, so don’t hesitate to call us. The comfort of our customers has been a priority of Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning for over 80 years, so if you need assistance with a new or existing humidifier, call us today.

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