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Serving the greater Fresno area since 1970


Kingsburg, CA Heating, Air Conditioning, Indoor Air Quality, and Solar Services

Whether your home has poor indoor air quality, or your heating system is dysfunctional, we have got a solution for you. We specialize in a wide range of heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality and solar energy services, including the installation of air purifiers, central AC units, furnaces, humidifiers and solar PV panels, among others. Get in touch with our team today to see what we’re all about and to learn more about what we can do for your home or commercial space.

Do You Need an Air Conditioner or Air Conditioning Services in Kingsburg, CA?

From the installation of new heat pumps, central air units, and ductless mini splits to the replacement of old worn–down equipment, from ad hoc and emergency AC repairs to routine maintenance plans, we take care of it all. We employ highly skilled and trained technicians who are eager to take care of your summer comfort. Let us install or service your air conditioner in Kingsburg, CA.

We Offer Air Conditioning Repair

All air conditioners endure wear and tear from time to time, and you may find that your AC is no longer effective or efficient at cooling your home. If so, our air conditioning repair can restore your summer comfort in no time at all.

We Offer Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a year–round heating and cooling system that can do wonders for your energy efficiency as well as your family’s comfort. We not only install and replace heat pumps, but also repair and maintain them.

We Service and Repair Thermostats

A professionally installed thermostat gives you outstanding control over your entire HVAC system. Without it, you simply cannot expect your heater or AC to function as it should. Let us make sure that you have what you need.

Do You Need a Heating System or Heater Services in Kingsburg, CA?

Are you in the market for a new heating system? Do you want to make sure that your existing heater is repaired or replaced properly? Do you want to maximize the efficiency of your heating system? When it comes to heater services in Kingsburg, CA, we’re at your beck and call. Our technicians are trained to handle just about anything, and we’re eager to assist you any way that we can.

We Offer Heating Repair

All heaters break down from time to time, and if you find that your heat pump or furnace is dysfunctional or simply will not deliver even and consistent heating to your home, then let us know.

We Service and Repair Furnaces

A gas or an electric furnace can be your trusty companion during the winter months. Whether you’re in the market for a new heating system or your existing furnace is not working as it should, we can assist you.

We Service and Repair Fireplaces

From the installation of new fireplaces to replacement, repair and cleaning, there’s nothing our technicians can’t do. We are your go–to expert for fireplace services in this community. Call today.

Are You Interested in Improving Your Indoor Air Quality in Kingsburg, CA?

Poor indoor air quality can be a serious matter, and it can be the result of numerous factors, such as extreme fluctuations in relative humidity, the circulation of airborne contaminants and pollutants among others. We’re here to help, and we offer a great number of indoor air quality products and services throughout the Kingsburg, CA area.

We Offer Air Purifier Services

Whole house air purification is simply the best. There’s no substitute for cleaning the entire space automatically. We install and service quality air purifiers throughout the Kingsburg, CA area.

We Offer Humidifier Services

A whole house humidifier is a great way to ensure that you have full control over your dry air during the winter, particularly if you have a forced–air heating system. We install and service humidifiers.

We Offer Dehumidifier Services

Is your air full of moisture? Does it feel like a swamp? The best solution is a whole house dehumidifier, which sits directly inside your ductwork so that your entire indoor space is taken care of.

We Offer Insulation Services

Insulation is the most important factor when it comes to the energy efficiency of your household. Without adequate insulation in all areas of your home, you may be in for a rude awakening come bill time. We offer a variety of insulation services.

Do You Need Solar Energy Services in Kingsburg, CA?

Solar energy is a bountiful and virtually limitless resource. Solar technology continues to advance, but there’s never been a better time to put it to work on your roof. We are your solar energy service specialists in the greater Kingsburg, CA area, and we can take care of everything from the installation of solar PV panels to the repair and maintenance of your solar water heater. Call us today.

We Offer Solar Water Heater Services

A solar water heater is a system designed to reduce one of the major expenses in your home: hot water. Whether yours needs to be installed or serviced, we can make it happen.

Do You Need Sheet Metal Fabrication Services in Kingsburg, CA?

What can our sheet metal fabrication services do for you? Plenty. One of the most important parts of your heating and cooling system is the installation of air ducts. However, if your air ducts are not built in accordance with your heating and cooling system, then your system will be neither effective nor efficient. We can make sure that they are.

Do You Need Commercial HVAC Services in Kingsburg, CA?

When it comes to commercial comfort, you need to consider your employees’ productivity as well as your customers. We can make certain that your entire commercial HVAC system functions exactly as it should for many years to come with our installation, replacement, repair and maintenance services. Our capable technicians are standing by ready to get started on what you need.

We Offer Commercial Heating

A commercial heating system is an absolute must if you want your customers and/or employees to be comfortable in your space all winter long. We install and service a variety of heat pumps, ductless heaters and furnaces.

Are You Interested in Home Performance Solutions in Kingsburg, CA?

Whether your drafty windows have begun to drive your energy bills skyward, or you want to make sure that your attic is insulated to minimize your summer cooling bills, we can provide you with a solution. Our home performance services are comprehensive, to say the least. The process begins with a thermal imaging diagnosis of which areas of your home need attention, and then we can customize a plan around the particular needs of your home as well as your budget. Call Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning today.