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Commercial Humidifier Services in Fresno, CA by Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning

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Commercial humidifiers maintain the perfect level of humidity and comfort for your employees and customers. In a commercial setting, you don’t want your guests to ever worry about their level of comfort. If you regularly experience dry air in your commercial setting, it’s time to consider a better option.

  • We Help You Choose the Right Humidifier for Your Business
  • Commercial Grade Strength and Dependability
  • Certified Technician Installation
  • Non-Disruptive Installation for Your Customers

Your business has to keep running even when you get a commercial humidifier installed. We’ll be sure to do our best to work around your normal operations so you can provide better comfort to your customers without inconveniencing them.

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Problems Caused by Low Humidity

The problems caused by low humidity aren’t quite as overt as those of excessive humidity, but they are certainly just as troublesome:

  • Problems keeping warm or cold – every indoor space needs a certain amount of humidity to properly maintain the temperature; without it, your air will feel too cold during the winter and too warm during the summer. This can encourage setting the thermostat at temperatures that aren’t very energy efficient for your business.
  • Drying of mucous membranes – it may be a little icky to think about, but it can happen: without enough moisture in the air, the people in your business space will suffer from dry eyes, noses and throats. When these membranes are too dry, the body’s immune system can be compromised, resulting in a lot of illness.
  • Drying of wood items – if your business space has wooden furniture, flooring or structural pieces, these items can dry to the point of splintering and breaking.

How Does a Commercial Humidifier Help?

The key to improving excessively dry air is to add moisture to it – but not so much that you saturate the air. It’s also important that all of your air is treated, not just certain areas. This is why a commercial humidifier is the perfect solution for dry indoor air.

A commercial humidifier adds water to your commercial space as part of your HVAC system’s operation; this is because the experts at Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning will integrate your commercial humidifier seamlessly with your heating and cooling system. Your commercial thermostat(s) will have a humidistat so you can set the exact percentage at which you want your indoor humidity to be, and the humidifier does the rest. Moisture is added as a cool mist or as steam, but it is added to the air before it circulates in your system so that your entire space gets the moisture it needs.

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