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Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970


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At What Point Should I Schedule AC Repairs?

Deciding when to break out the checkbook and schedule air conditioning repair services can be tough for some frugal homeowners. However, we here at Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning feel compelled to tell you that it is always best to do so prior to the complete breakdown of your home cooling system. The old adage about not fixing it if it’s not broken does not really apply here, as even the most “minor” of air conditioning problems can lead to serious headaches and system failure down the road. That is why we’ve put together a few tips for you to help to determine if the time for air conditioning repairs in Fresno, CA has arrived. Contact us the moment that you believe your air conditioner is compromised. 

  • A Spike in Cooling Costs: Assuming that you use a central air conditioning system which runs on electricity, you should have a basic understanding of the impact that running your air conditioner has on your electrical costs. If you notice that your utility bills spike in a way you’ve not seen before, it could be due to problems with your air conditioner. Your AC is not going to function as efficiently as it ought to if not in fine working condition.
  • Hot Spots Throughout the House: Your air conditioner, assuming that it is professionally installed and well-maintained, ought to cool your entire home pretty evenly. If this has always been the case, but you now find hot spots popping up throughout your home, then contact us immediately. You could have a refrigerant leak, limiting cooling output, or your air ducts could be damaged. Whatever the problem, you need to have it repaired ASAP.
  • Strange and Alarming Noises: It may not sound like a jet engine, but if you notice that your air conditioner is operating loudly or that it is making strange sounds when cycling on and off, you are likely in need of AC repairs. Our summers are far too hot and far too long to take any chances with the condition of your air conditioner. Contact us today if you suspect that you require repair services.

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