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Does Your Home Have a Humidity Problem?

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

Does Your Home Have a Humidity Problem?Indoor humidity is an element of your home’s air quality that can be confounding to deal with. Mitigating correlating indoor air quality problems, such as increased airborne allergens, may be as simple as using a higher-efficiency HVAC filter. Using portable dehumidifiers may seem like a logical way to mitigate a humidity problem, but they are ineffective as a whole-home solution.

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What’s the Difference Between ERVs and HRVs?

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

What's the Difference Between ERVs and HRVs?Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) and Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) are balanced ventilation systems that remove stale, stagnant air from inside your house while adding back an equal volume of fresh outdoor air. As homes have become more tightly constructed and air-sealed to conserve energy, air stagnation and unhealthy indoor air quality have become acute. ERVs and HRVs not only ventilate with balanced air volume, but they also transfer heat. The advantages of both ERVs and HRVs depend largely on the status of air infiltration through cracks, gaps and other air leaks. Older, “leaky” houses typically benefit less from ERVs and HRVs than newer, airtight structures.

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What Homeowners Need to Know About Heat Gain

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

What Fresno Homeowners Need to Know About Heat GainHeat gain is the amount of excess heat your home gains throughout the day. Left unchecked, it can cause your cooling costs to soar. But by keeping heat gain to a minimum, your air conditioner can cool your home more efficiently and keep your utility bills within reason. Let’s look at some of the causes of heat gain.

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How to Decrease Humidity in Your Home

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

How to Decrease Humidity in Your Fresno HomeWith the annual average humidity level more than 20 percent higher than ideal conditions, indoor humidity for many Fresno homeowners is a challenge. It affects comfort, indoor air quality and energy bills, but turning down the thermostat when it’s too sticky inside only increases energy bills. Keep reading for practical tips to help decrease humidity and boost comfort in your home.

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Learn Why Having an HVAC Inspection Before You Buy a Home Is a Good Idea

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Learn Why Having an HVAC Inspection Before You Buy a Home Is a Good IdeaYou’re planning to buy a home. You’ve already had a home inspection and received the inspector’s disclaimer saying the HVAC system was “functional.” Does that mean it’s a good idea to go ahead and buy the home without having an HVAC professional perform an HVAC inspection? Probably not, and here’s why.

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Consider These Options for Home Ventilation

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

Consider These Options for Home Ventilation in FresnoThings are starting to heat up in Fresno. Before you resort to blasting the air conditioner, consider three home ventilation options that help you stay cool for much less.

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Factors to Focus on During a New Home Construction

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Factors to Focus on During a New Home ConstructionInstead of buying a home, you’re building a new one from scratch. It’s a smart move, but how do you do it? What do you need to know to make sure your home is the best it can be? Here are five things to focus on when it comes to new home construction.

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It’s Time to Inspect Your Home’s Attic Ventilation

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

It's Time to Inspect Your Home's Attic VentilationWhether they’re crawlspaces, storage spaces or fitted as lofts, attics don’t exactly have a reputation for comfort. Part of this is because they tend to be hot, stuffy, humid and poorly ventilated. Between indoor heat rising and solar heat hitting the roof and radiating downward, attics can rise to high temperatures. Often they’re not air-conditioned, which makes them a pocket of heat inside your home’s thermal envelope. That’s why home attic ventilation can be so helpful.

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Breathe Easy: Simple Ways to Achieve a Healthy Home

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Breathe Easy: Simple Ways to Achieve a Healthy HomeDid you know that the average person spends approximately 90 percent of their time indoors? This is a surprising statistic that has plenty of ramifications for your home, especially if your indoor air quality isn’t up to snuff. Good indoor air quality is the hallmark of a healthy home.

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5 Surprising Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

5 Surprising Sources of Indoor Air PollutionIndoor air pollution can be a serious problem for homeowners, especially for those with young children. Knowing some of the most common sources of indoor air pollution, as well as regularly changing your air filter, can help improve indoor air quality. Some other things to look out for include:

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