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Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970


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How Often Should I Have My Refrigerant Recharged?

Forgive us for misleading you, but the question posed in the title of this post is a bit of a trick. The correct answer is that you shouldn’t need to have your refrigerant recharged. We’ll get into why this is the case a bit more below. First, let us just remind you that refrigerant plays a serious role in the cooling of your home, and that any issues with your refrigerant levels can cause serious problems. Always hire a trained professional to evaluate and service your air conditioner in Hanford, CA.

What Refrigerant Does, and Why Leaks Are So Problematic

Your air conditioner does not magically generate cool air. What it actually does is remove heat from the air in your home, and refrigerant is an integral part of this process. The indoor coil of your air conditioner is called the evaporator coil. This where, appropriately enough, refrigerant is evaporated, drawing heat out of the air surrounding the coil in the coil in the process. The refrigerant then moves to the condenser unit, disperses its heat into the air, and repeats the cycle until your home is sufficiently cooled.

At no point is refrigerant consumed by your AC. It functions in a closed loop system, and is simply recycled through the system over and over. This means that a low refrigerant level is the result of one of two scenarios. Your system may have been improperly charged to begin with (though certainly not if we did the job), or you have refrigerant leaks in your system. If your AC is leaking refrigerant, you may see ice develop on the refrigerant lines or the coil itself. You’ll also likely see your cooling costs rise as your system’s performance falters. If you suspect any issue with your refrigerant charge, contact us right away.

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