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Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970

Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970


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Is My Air Conditioner in Trouble? 3 Signs Repairs May Be Needed

We may not have quite as intense heat in this part of California as they do in others, but the summer season can still be extremely trying in this part of the country. If you hope to live through the hottest time of the year comfortably, it is absolutely necessary that you have an air conditioner capable of effectively and reliably cooling your home. Even the best air conditioning systems are going to encounter occasional operational problems, though. Because prompt air conditioning repairs in Clovis, CA are always in your best interest, we’ve put together a few tips to help you spot potential repair needs.

Hot Spots

When your air conditioner is the right size for your home, is professionally installed therein, and is maintained and tuned up on an annual basis, that system should be more than capable of cooling your home in an effective and even manner throughout. If you are noticing hot spots popping up throughout your home, you may have a problem such as leaking ductwork or even a refrigerant leak. Whatever the problem, you need prompt repairs to avoid more wasted energy, discomfort, and serious operational issues.


Do you see ice on the evaporator coils in your home? What about on your refrigerant lines running out to the outdoor unit. Again, this may be indicative of a refrigerant leak. If you have a heat pump, it’s possible that your system’s defrost cycle is not functioning properly. In any event, ice on your home cooling system is never a good sign.

Clanging or Screeching

You’re probably well aware of the fact that your air conditioner is not going to function silently. What you may not realize, though, is that the development of new, strange sounds may be indicative of very serious problems with your system. If you hear screeching, you may have a damaged fan that is grating against other metal components, or parts badly in need of lubrication. Clanging may mean that a part has worked loose and is bouncing about in the unit.

When you need air conditioning repairs that you can count on, you need only call upon Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning.

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