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Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970

Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970


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Remember to Replace Your Air Conditioner’s Filter Regularly

air-filterWe’re inching closer and closer to the summer season, and that means that a lot of homeowners in this area are starting to turn their attention back to their home cooling systems. Annual tune-ups are getting underway, and AC contractors’ phones are starting to ring more and more. Things may be getting busy, but we still want to take the time to share an important AC tip with you.

That tip? Remember to change your air conditioner’s air filter regularly this cooling season. Yes, your AC technician will do this for you during your annual AC tune-up in Fresno, CA. No, once a year is not going to cut it. These filters will typically need to be changed every 1-3 months, and keeping up with it will benefit you in a few ways.

Protect Efficiency Levels

Summers are hot around here, and you know that you are going to be running your air conditioning system a lot. You obviously want to live in a certain amount of comfort, but you also do not want to be draining your budget in doing so. That is why we recommend that you change your air filter regularly. This helps to cut down on airflow resistance in the system, allowing your air conditioner to do its job in the most efficient manner possible.

Protect Performance Quality

Your air conditioner’s standard air filter is not really there to protect indoor air quality throughout your entire home. That is what more efficient, designated air filtration systems are for. What this air filter really does is protect your air conditioner itself. If you don’t have a good, clean filter in place, then your system can wind up with dust and dirt built up on vital components within. If you have a layer of grime on your evaporator coil, for instance, there is no way that your air conditioner will function at peak performance levels.

Prevent Damages

That’s right, a dirty air filter can actually lead to system damages. How so? Well, the increased airflow resistance can result in a lot of strain on the system. It can even cause your AC to overheat, resulting in short cycling, which both wastes energy and puts even more strain on the system. Eventually, that will take its toll, and you’ll be on the hook for potentially costly repairs.

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