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Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970

Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970


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Tips for Avoiding Furnace Repair

furnaceThere are a lot of great heaters out there, and investing in a good heater will help to ensure that you are able to heat your home effectively and reliably. It does not guarantee that you’ll be able to do so without issue forever, however. In fact, no heater is ever going to be completely problem free. You’ll need furnace repair in Coalinga at some point. When you do, you really want to have the repairs completed as soon as possible.

You know what’s even better than prompt heating repairs, though? Avoiding the need for those repairs in the first place. No, there is no way that you’ll avoid furnace repair needs forever. By following these simple tips, though, you’ll run into repair needs as infrequently as possible. Sometimes, that’s the best that you can ask for! So read on,  keep the following tips in mind, and remember that the heating professionals on our team are always here when you need us.

First Things First: Schedule a Professional Installation!

Not all “professionals” are created equally, of course. Investing in a great heater is the first step in ensuring that your furnace operates properly. But it is just that. The first step. The next step is to schedule your furnace installation with trained professionals that you can trust. Read reviews, ask for referrals—and dial our number!

Everything from the design and layout of your ductwork to the installation of your furnace itself, and even its sizing, is going to influence the way in which that furnace operates. Make sure that your furnace installation influences not just for the better—but for the best.

Change Your Air Filter

This ties into the next, and most important, tip that we’ll share, but it is worth mentioning because it is something that you can do on your own. And it’s simple. And it’s effective. It’s changing your air filter! 

Air filters are cheap, and they’re easy to change. Don’t let that fool you into thinking that is a minor point, though. If your air filter is very dirty, your furnace is going to have to work harder than it should in order to force heated air throughout your home. And, when that happens, your furnace is going to incur more wear and tear than it otherwise would. That leads to a greatly increased risk of damage to your system.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

This is the big one. If you are serious about keeping your furnace as effective and reliable as possible, then routine maintenance is an absolute must. There is simply no better way in which to keep your furnace functioning at peak performance levels.

Schedule routine maintenance with us, and we’ll go over your system with a fine-toothed comb to ensure that it is operating properly and that every part of the system is pulling its own weight. That way, your furnace is much less likely to encounter issues that will lead to repair needs.

Contact Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning today. We strive to provide honest answers and solutions to the problems our customers experience while remaining highly competitive in price, and offer the fastest turnaround you can find!

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