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3 Tips for Ensuring a Successful Heating Replacement

As we look forward to warmer weather in the coming weeks here in Clovis, CA, you are likely using your heating system a lot less. In fact, you might have noticed some troubling signs this winter that indicate it’s time for a heating replacement. Before you simply replace your system with a newer version of what you already have, take a look below at 3 tips we’ve shared to ensure a successful heating replacement.

1. Decide What Fuel Type Makes Sense for Your Home

In some cases it might make sense to just replace your existing heating system with one that runs on the same fuel supply as your existing one. However, there could be more affordable alternatives to the fuel you are currently using. This is especially true for systems that are more than a decade old. There are currently various fuel and system options that could provide you with an affordable, efficient system.

2. Consider Energy Efficiency

There are different efficiency rating systems for different types of heating systems. For example, heat pumps have a rating called the HSPF, or Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. Furnaces use the AFUE, or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. The higher these ratings, the more efficient the system is, and the more money you can save. The amount of money you save is dependent on a few different factors, including the size of your home, the temperature settings you prefer, and your insulation.

3. Ensure Your System Is Appropriately Sized

A professional HVAC technician will help ensure that your heating system is the right size for your home. Square footage alone is not a definitive indicator of system size. An HVAC technician will conduct a heat load calculation, considering your home’s insulation, the number of windows and their placement, and the layout of your home, among other factors.

For more information on heating system options and to schedule an installation appointment, contact Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning today!


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