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Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970


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How Do Heat Pumps Heat Homes?

We live in an area that does not experience the incredibly cold weather that Minnesota or Vermont do. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have to worry about heating your home effectively, though. Just because we don’t have to put up with temperatures regularly falling below zero doesn’t mean the chill of the winter does not affect us.

It does mean that we live in an area particularly well suited to the use of a heat pump, though. If you haven’t given much thought to using a heat pump in Madera, CA, you should fix that. Thanks to the unique method of heating that they employ, they can offer some truly great benefits. 

They Don’t Generate Heat. They Transfer It!

A boiler or furnace operates by consuming fuel or using electricity in order to generate new heat. In this way, the heat pump is more closely related to an air conditioner than to either of these heating systems. That’s because, like an AC, the heat pump relies upon the heat transfer process in its operation.

An air conditioner does not “generate” cool air. It removes heat from the air in one’s home, and vents that air outdoors. In much the same manner, a heat pump uses the refrigerant cycle in order to absorb heat from the air outside, and release that heat indoors. In fact, the system can reverse this operation, too, meaning that you can also use it to cool your home in the summer!

This versatility is just one of the benefits that you can enjoy when using a heat pump, though. Another is the outstanding efficiency with which a heat pump heats the house. Because heat is transferred, rather than generated, you can cut down on energy costs. Only a small amount of energy is used in the heat transfer process, which entails the evaporation of refrigerant in order to absorb heat, the compression of that refrigerant to concentrate its thermal energy, and the condensing of the refrigerant to release its heat.

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