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3 Benefits that Come with an Air Purifier


Did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency determined that Americans spend, on average, 93% of their time indoors? Maybe that doesn’t surprise you, but how about this one: indoor air typically has higher concentrations of contaminants than outdoor air. So if you’re going to spend so much time indoors, what can you do to make sure the air you breathe is clean? Consider an air purifier.

Purification vs. Filtration

An air filter is simple: air passes through layers of fine mesh, sometimes made of cellulose, paper, or cloth, and many things like pet hair are easily caught in the filter. Unfortunately, smaller things can often pass right through the filter and be circulated back out into the air that you breathe. Some of the smallest things, which are very hard for an air filter to catch, are viruses. 

An air purifier does contain a filter for larger particles. But it also takes an additional step to prevent the smaller contaminants from passing back out into your home. The air passes through an electrical field, which positively charges the particles within it. Then, the air passes over a negatively-charged plate in the purifier. These tiny hazards are unable to escape the electrical pull, and get stuck on that plate, where they cannot continue to multiply or affect anyone.

Benefit 1: Better Health

Some of the contaminants caught in an air purifier include pet dander, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, and viruses. With these bothersome particles cleansed from your air, you’ll have a reduced risk of allergy symptoms, asthma attacks, and respiratory, skin, and eye irritation, not to mention reduced risk of bacterial or viral illness. People who get whole home air purifiers also often report that they suffer less frequent headaches, get better sleep, have more energy, and spend more time in good moods. 

Benefit 2: Reduced Dust

Having less dust in the air is more pleasant for breathing. But it also has other positive effects on your home. For one thing, you’ll simply notice less dust around your home. You might spend less time wiping down surfaces or sweeping dust bunnies out of the corners. But there are other systems in your home that benefit from having less dust circulated through them. Your heating system and air conditioner have an easier time operating efficiently and have lower risk of airflow issues, overheating, and more when there is less dust passing through their inner workings.

Benefit 3: Better Smells

One of the truly disgusting things about bad smells is knowing that they are caused by particles in the air—particles that you are breathing in. Here’s the great news: those particles will also get trapped in your air purifier! Whether they came from your trash can or your teenager’s shoes, they’ll be caught and neutralized, and your home will smell so much fresher.

If you have any concerns about your indoor air quality or what your options are for an air purifier in Madera, CA, we’d be delighted to talk with you.

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