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Exhaust Ventilation: Include It in Your Strategy for Freshening the Air in Your Home

Exhaust Ventilation: Include It in Your Strategy for Freshening the Air in Your HomeWhile the term “exhaust ventilation” may at first conjure up the idea of a garage fan installed to remove the carbon monoxide produced by your vehicles idling in that enclosed space, this is only a partially accurate description. Another type of exhaust ventilation system, for example, can remove heat and cooking odors from the kitchen stove area. In reality, however, exhaust fans can be utilized to freshen the air in several areas of your Fresno-area home, including:

  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry area
  • Basement
  • Attic
  • Exercise room

Exhaust fans are mechanical devices designed to improve the air quality in your home by removing stale, contaminated air, which is then replaced — either passively or actively — with fresh, outside air. Ceiling exhaust fans (not the same as regular ceiling fans) are typically ducted to allow the indoor air that may be full of moisture, odors and impurities to be transmitted to the outdoors through an external vent. Bathroom fans are often ceiling-mounted, with flexible ducting running to the roof area for venting. These ceiling mount units may be combination exhaust fans that also offer built-in lighting and/or heating.

Wall-mounted exhaust ventilation is also popular and, since it’s installed directly into an exterior wall, requires no ducting. If neither a ceiling-mounted nor wall-mounted fan is desired, an inline fan can be a good option. This type of device is installed inside a duct hidden behind a wall or ceiling, giving it the advantage of being more quiet when operating than the aforementioned types.

Homes today are being built practically airtight in an attempt to conserve energy and reduce heating and cooling bills. Unfortunately, this gives rise to unhealthy air within the home. Stagnant air can be full of contaminants and may harbor disease-causing bacteria and mold. This, along with excess moisture created through cooking, bathing and laundry activities, creates an undesirable home environment that, according to federal EPA studies, may cause pollution levels far exceeding those found outdoors. In these situations, you’ll want to pair your exhaust fans with mechanical or passive ventilation strategies to draw fresh air inside.

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