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Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970

Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970


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Fight Allergies and Mold With an Air Purifier


As the holiday season approaches, full of indoor gatherings and celebrations with lots of people breathing the same air, you might be wondering: what exactly is in this air we’re breathing? If we’re indoors so much of the time (statistically, Americans are indoors more than 90% of the time) is there anything we can do to avoid breathing things that make us sick?

Allergies are very common. Respiratory symptoms, even without a specific allergy, can be caused by breathing a wide variety of contaminants. Mold is one of the biggest culprits. With an air purifier, you can dramatically cut down on the allergens and mold spores in your air. You and the people you love will be healthier.

Particles in the Air

We only see the largest particles that float through our air. Big dust specks or strands of pet hair are visible. But most of the particles in the air are too tiny to be seen. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s the smallest particles that have the biggest effects. This is because they’re small enough to be breathed deeply into our respiratory systems.

Wildfire smoke, a major concern in recent years, puts particles into the air, including things like sulfuric acid, ammonium nitrate, and even metals. Pollen particles are an obvious risk for allergic reactions. And mold releases spores into the air in order to reproduce. Some people are specifically allergic to mold, and some molds are toxic enough to cause reactions in all people, even those without allergies.

How Air Purifiers Work

While there are a variety of options for air filters and air purifiers, the ones we recommend are electrostatic precipitators or ion generators. They do operate slightly differently, but the bottom line is the same. They use an electric charge to polarize particles that pass through them, making them easy to trap and clean away as they cling to a surface rather than floating through the air.

Portable air purifiers are great for small, enclosed spaces. A studio apartment or dorm room would be well-served by a portable air purifier. But in a larger space, they don’t cycle enough air through to make a significant impact on the overall air quality. Whole-home air purifiers connect to a house’s HVAC system to process all the air that passes through, dramatically reducing the amount of particles in the air.

Benefits of Clean Air

When people begin using whole-home air purifiers, they report a wide array of impressive health benefits. Asthma attacks, allergies, and other respiratory symptoms are greatly reduced. People have fewer headaches, more energy during the day, and better sleep at night. They even say they find themselves in a good mood more of the time.

There are other benefits, as well! Eliminating particles from the air can cut down on the dust around your home. Mold cannot grow when mold spores are purified from the air, so mildew is less likely to spread in your home. And another type of particle affected by the purifier is bacteria, such as those that cause pet odor or stinky sneaker smells.

For better health, and a cleaner, fresh-smelling home, you can’t do better than to have a whole-home air purifier installed. When you’re ready for professional air purifier service in Madera, CA, we’re ready to help you get that clean air you deserve.

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