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Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970


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Are Heating And Cooling Needs Influenced By Degree Days?

There’s a concept in heating and cooling homes that residents should be aware of, especially in these tough economic times.  You need to become familiar with the term “degree days,” and how it relates to your energy use and utility bills.  With our energy costs being some of the highest in the nation, it’s well worth becoming at least a little familiar with this concept.

Degree days are used to relate the outside temperature with the demand for energy based on that temperature.  They can be used to fairly compare what energy bills would be in different areas of the country. They also can be used to see if new equipment or other energy-saving additions are doing the job they are designed to do.

Degree days are simple to figure out. Focusing on heating degree days first, you would find a day’s average temperature by adding the day’s high and low temperatures and then dividing the total by two. If the result if higher than a baseline comfortable temperature of 65, then the difference between the two numbers will be cooling degree days. If the average temperature is lower than 65, the difference reflects heating degree days.

You use records of past heating degree days (usually available from the National Weather Service) to see if money you’ve spent on insulation or a new air conditioner system is actually paying off.

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