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Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970


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Regulate Temperature & Control Moisture by Checking Your Attic Ventilation

Regulate Temperature & Control Moisture by Checking Your Attic VentilationYour attic space is often forgotten when it comes to climate control, especially if it isn’t habitable. But because heat rises to the attic and can escape in the winter, it’s a key location for managing your home comfort. Ensuring you have proper attic ventilation is one way you can keep your home comfortable and healthy year-round.

Why is attic ventilation important?

An unventilated attic can have humidity problems, making it a breeding ground for bacteria, mold and fungus. This can lead to structural damage, as well as poor indoor air quailty. Depending on your home’s type of roofing, attic ventilation may also be necessary to keep its warranty valid.

How do you ventilate your attic?

A licensed HVAC contractor can work out whether or not your attic needs additional ventilation. Here are some things they’ll look for:

  • Generally, for every 150 square feet of attic space, you’ll need 1 square foot of vent space. This venting space should be balanced between intake and outflow, so you aren’t turning your attic into a positive or negative pressure environment.
  • Using a respirator, a contractor can inspect your attic insulation for signs of mold or fungal growth. If found, this is a good indication that your attic has humidity problems caused by poor ventilation. You should replace any insulation that’s been contaminated.
  • A contractor can also help you clean any obstructed vents, whether it’s obstructed by blown-in insulation, leaves, or stray boxes put up in storage.
  • Finally, a thermometer installed in your attic space can help maintain the temperature year-round. Excessive summertime heat is a sign that your ventilation needs to be revisited.

To learn more about attic ventilation and how to make it work in your Fresno home, contact Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning!

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