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Top Advantages of Installing a Solar PV System in Your Home

The sight of another solar PV system installed on a neighborhood rooftop is becoming more and more common. Nationwide, residential installations of solar photovoltaic systems in the first quarter of 2014 showed an increase of 38 percent over the same period in 2013. More than half of these new installations were right here in California.

Here are a few reasons why it’s on the rise:

Rising Electricity Costs

Across the nation, costs of electricity on the grid continue to climb. With an average of at least 10 percent per year, these increases directly impact household budget and disposable income. Solar power is free from day one. No one can put a meter on the sun, and it will never get more expensive or be subject to shortages, embargoes or government regulations.

Net Metering

The idea of going totally “off the grid” is daunting to many homeowners. With the net metering alternative, homes remain “grid tied” and still receive electricity from the utility at night when solar power isn’t sufficient. However, during daylight hours, solar panels produce more than enough electricity to power your home. This surplus power is sold back to the utility, offsetting most of the cost of using grid power at night.

Low Maintenance, Long Warranty

A solar PV system incorporates no moving parts and requires virtually no upkeep. It’s silent, inert and many photovoltaic panel manufacturers guarantee output for up to 25 years.

Professional Installation

Residential solar systems are now a well-established technology. Today’s solar energy contractors are experienced specialists in both hardware and installation. Furthermore, the methods and materials utilized are standardized, meeting industry guidelines and local codes.

Downsized Footprint

For every hour the sun shines, your solar system is reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Over the 30-year lifespan of a typical 5 kilowatt residential installation, the system will impact CO2 emissions equivalent to planting more than 3,000 trees.

For more advantages of installing a solar PV system in your Fresno home, contact Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning.


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