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Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970


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5 Signs Your AC Needs Repairs

tools-on-ACIt is one of the last things you want to hear at this point in the summer but it is a fairly common situation to encounter. Needing repairs for your air conditioner at this point in the year is something that many people find themselves facing. While it isn’t ideal it also isn’t something to ignore.

The sooner you schedule your air conditioner repair in Fresno, CA to address an issue, the better off you’ll be. A big part of this is knowing when to contact a professional to address those problems. Here are the warning signs that will let you know that it is time to talk to a professional technician.

5 Indicators of AC Issues

Here are some of the signs that you need to consider scheduling repairs for your air conditioner.

  1. The system has begun to make odd noises: When your air conditioner is trying to cool your home, do you hear rattling, clanging, screeching, hissing, or other noises that worry you? No system operates silently but the noises that your AC goes make shouldn’t be new or concerning. Talk to a technician to see if your system needs service to address those sounds.
  2. Your energy bills have gotten more expensive: A struggling air conditioner is one that is going to use more energy. Rather than using less energy because it is producing less cool air, the system will try harder to get the job done, eating up more electricity in the process. This can result in skyrocketing energy bills. If your AC use hasn’t changed but your monthly bills have, it is time to get a professional to assess things.
  3. Airflow from your AC has weakened: The next time your run your AC, check how strong the airflow is throughout the home. Are you noticing weaker airflow from one or more vents or air handlers? If so then having a technician check things out is a good idea. This could be solved with a filter change but there may also be a bigger problem to address.
  4. The unit has begun to short cycle: The AC turns on and then off again after only a few brief minutes. It should come as no surprise that this undermines your comfort. You would also notice that short cycling is going to lead to increased wear and tear on your system–which can cut down on the number of years that you can rely on your system.
  5. You can’t cool your home: Last but not least, if you notice that your air conditioner isn’t able to cool your home properly, it is always worth it to get your system examined by a technician.

Any issue that has begun to undermine the ability of your system to keep your home cool is one that should be identified and addressed properly by a technician.

Contact Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning to schedule your AC repair needsWe strive to provide honest answers and solutions to the problems our customers experience while remaining highly competitive in price, and offer the fastest turnaround you can find! 

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