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Why AC Sizing Is A Big Deal

AC-unitWhen it comes to choosing a certain size for anything (from tires for your car to clothes to wear), you always want to look for the right size. Having something in the right size makes a difference, after all, increasing effectiveness and comfort. And the size of your air conditioner is no different.

Well, okay, so the size for your AC that we are talking about might be a little different. That’s because this type of size doesn’t refer to the physical space that your system sits on. Instead, it refers to the amount of power that your Fresno air conditioner needs to cool down your home.

Having a properly sized AC can be the defining factor in regards to how well your system cools your home. Read on to learn everything you need to know.

What is AC “Size”?

As we said above, the sizing for your AC isn’t referring to the physical square footage that the system uses up. Instead, AC size refers to the amount of power your system requires to cool down 1 square foot of air in your home. This is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs) and translated into tonnage.

In layman’s terms, this just means that when you look at sizing an air conditioner, you’ll need to determine how many tons it needs to be sized for. For example, you’d need a 2-3 ton air conditioner to cool a home that has about 1500 square feet of space.

Too Big, Too Small, & Just Right

The size of your air conditioner should be determined when it is installed. Having a system that is sized too big or too small for your home can have a variety of negative consequences for your comfort, your energy bills, and the lifespan of your system.

An air conditioner that is too big will cool the area immediately surrounding it too quickly, leaving your uncomfortable and leading to short cycling. Short cycling can cause early breakdowns if it is unresolved for too long.

On the opposite side of things, an undersized air conditioner will run almost indefinitely, eating up huge amounts of energy, to try to cool a home that is too large for it to handle. This will cause it to wear out faster and will make it more likely that you’ll need a replacement far sooner.

As we said, when it comes to the size of your AC, you need to find one that is just right for your space.

Proper Sizing Comes From Professional Service

You can avoid improper sizing by working with a professional HVAC technician from the start. A trained technician will know exactly what factors to take into consideration when determining the size of your system, such as the number of floors or windows in the house. They also know how to do the math!

When you need a good technician who can handle your AC installation and sizing, make sure to come to our team.

We strive to provide honest answers and solutions to the problems our customers experience while remaining highly competitive in price, and offer the fastest turnaround you can find! Contact Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning today to get started.

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