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Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970


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Is There a Clean Filter in Your Air Conditioner?

changing-air-filterIf not, you had better get one in there sooner than later! As you may know — and certainly know, if you’ve visited our blog before — routine air conditioning maintenance is an absolute necessity for the homeowner looking to get the most from his or her air conditioning system. What you may not realize, though, is that, while we do generally dissuade DIY service attempts, there is one important task that you really should be handling on your own. That is changing the air filter in your air conditioner in Madera, CA.

Changing the air filter is a very simple thing to do, but it is one that can also have immensely positive effects on your air conditioning system and your comfort level. Keep the following information in mind for the next time you decide to skip a filter change. Remember, these types of filters typically need to be swapped out every 1-3 months, so you cannot wait for yearly maintenance to have the job done.

Is Changing the Filter Really That Important?

The short answer is the right answer in this case: YES! Changing the air filter in your air conditioner is incredibly important. No, your system is not going to instantly break down because you skipped a filter change or two. However, you can expect to run into a few different problems if this is the case.

  1. Inefficiency. Imagine that you are blowing air through a straw. Pretty easy, isn’t it? Well, it would be more difficult if you crammed the straw wrapper up the other end of that straw, wouldn’t it? This is essentially the same issue as you’ll encounter with a dirty air filter. The system will meet more airflow resistance, and will have to work harder in order to force air through the filter. That will result in higher energy consumption, which in turn will result in bigger energy bills.
  2. Air Quality. Contrary to what some homeowners think, the purpose of these standard air filters is not really to improve the quality of the air in one’s home. You’ll want to use more efficient, designated filters for that purpose. That being said, a very dirty filter in your AC certainly can negatively affect your indoor air quality. Air is going to take the path of least resistance through the system, and if your filter is dirty that may mean bypassing the filter and going through the gaps between it and its frame.
  3. AC Performance. If your air filter is really clogged up, you simply are not going to enjoy the quality cooling performance that you deserve from your air conditioning system. The system may short cycle as it overheats, which puts unnecessary wear and tear on the system and leaves you paying more for a lesser performance. The evaporator coil may even ice over as airflow is restricted. Get the most from your AC: keep the filter fresh. Contact Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning with any questions that you may have.

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