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Use These Tips for Cleaning Your A/C Condensate Drain

Use These Tips for Cleaning Your A/C Condensate DrainCleaning your A/C condensate drain line is a relatively simple task. Considering that you can help avoid clogs, water overflows, odors and A/C shutdown, it’s well worth the effort to clean the drain system a few times during the cooling months.

Why Condensate Drain Cleaning Is Important

The primary reason for cleaning the condensate drain is to prevent water overflow in the home. If the line becomes clogged, the condensate pan overflows. If there isn’t a backup pan in place, or if the float switch is faulty, you’re going to experience water leakage at the air handler.

A/C Condensate Drain

In addition to home cooling, your A/C system removes moisture from the air inside your Fresno home. The vapor condenses on the cold evaporator and drips into a condensate pan. Several gallons of condensate may be drained away in a single day. So, it’s important to keep the condensate drain line clear.

The condensate drain line extends from the indoor air handler to a floor drain, or it may through an exterior wall of the home. You should see the condensate line, which is typically PVC pipe, protruding from the air handling cabinet.

If your condensate drain line has a capped access tube, you’re in luck. Simply remove the cap and pour a cup of bleach into the tube. The bleach kills microorganisms, such as mold, algae, bacteria and mildew, that may clog the line and/or cause odors in the home.

Not all drain lines have an access tube. Some condensate drain lines have a drain trap and the condensate drain line extends to a floor drain. If this is the case with your A/C, separate the condensate line at the air handler or drain trap. Pour the bleach into the line and re-connect the piping.

To learn more about cleaning your A/C condensate drain, please contact Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning in Fresno today.

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