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Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970

Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970


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Why Consider Using a Whole-House Fan?

Your AC system may work effectively to cool your home, but what if you could do more? A whole-house fan can greatly reduce the temperature in your entire home, and prevent your air conditioner from working so hard. It is installed on the ceiling between the attic and living space, and works by pulling air in from open windows and exhausting it through the attic and roof. In addition to whole-house cooling, a whole-house fan provides good attic ventilation.

What Are the Benefits?

Fast Operation: Whole-house fans work much faster than central air conditioners. You begin to feel the cooling effects in minutes, as long as the external air is cooler than the air indoors. Whole-house fans allow the empty space left by hot air to be filled with cool, fresh air from outside.

High Energy Efficiency: A whole-house fan allows you to use your air conditioner much less. In fact, in milder weather you can use it instead of your central AC. In addition, a whole-house fan is much more environmentally friendly than a central AC system.

Removal of Stale Air: Whole-house fans draw in hot air to the attic and then let it out of the house, making your indoor air considerably fresher. This helps to remove and prevent odors, plus provides excellent ventilation throughout your home.

How Do I Choose the Right Whole-House Fan?

When a professional determines the size you’ll need, they’ll look at the volume of your house in cubic feet. They’ll also look at your climate, and various other factors to determine what is appropriate for your home. A whole-house fan should provide your home with 30-60 air changes per hour, dependent on these factors.

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