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Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970

Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970


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Neglect Won’t Increase The Lifespan Of Your Heat Pump, But Routine Maintenance Will

Neglect Won't Increase The Lifespan Of Your Heat Pump, But Routine Maintenance WillIf you’re like most Fresno area homeowners, you want to get the most out of your high-efficiency heat pump. After all, it was a huge investment. Unfortunately, many residents of the San Joaquin Valley forget one key element of long-term system efficiency – annual heat pump maintenance.

To get the most out of your system in terms of comfort, efficiency, energy savings and longevity, you should schedule professional heat pump maintenance each year just before the peak of the heating and cooling seasons. This not only ensures that your system will be up and running when temperatures get extreme, but it also provides ample time for your technician to address any issues that may be found during the maintenance call.

What kind of issues will your technician address during heat pump maintenance?

  • Your technician will clear away any debris, vegetation or other buildup around your outdoor unit and examine the condition of your heat exchange. This is actually a job you can do on your own year round to improve system efficiency.
  • Your air filters will be changed to ensure adequate filtration and proper airflow. This is another simple procedure that you can attend to: monthly filter inspections, cleaning and changing filters as is necessary.
  • A task you should not attempt on your own is the tightening of electrical connections. Your technician is trained to test electrical safety and proper system operation, including thermostat accuracy, proper cycling, and the independent and accurate function of heating and cooling components.
  • Your technician may also inspect your ductwork for possible leakage, repair damage and seal off bad connections and minor rips and tears in flexible ductwork.
  • If necessary, your technician will also lubricate moving parts within the motor and test the efficiency of belts (in belt-driven units), adjusting and replacing as necessary.

Heat pump maintenance is an in-depth inspection of your system, and this list of items is just the beginning of your technician’s maintenance checklist. For more information regarding the process, speak to one of our trained technicians. Contact Donald P. Dick Air Conditioningtoday for an expert consultation.

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