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Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970


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Ways You Can Protect Your Air Conditioner Over The Winter

Just because your air conditioner isn’t in use doesn’t mean you should neglect its proper maintenance. Exposed to outdoor elements year round, your air conditioner is susceptible to damage and should be looked after accordingly. Not only will this ensure that your system is ready to run when you need it most, but it will save you on the costs of otherwise unnecessary repairs and replacements.

When shutting your air conditioner down for the season, the first step is to turn off the power to the outdoor unit. This will prevent usage during cold weather, which not only affects your comfort, but could potentially damage your system. The same holds true for water valves; if your system has a shutoff, be sure to turn off the water.

Leaving your outdoor unit covered in dirt or debris is an invitation for trouble. Letting the inner workings of your outdoor unit become coated in such dirt and debris can affect the efficiency of your heat exchanger and lead to unnecessary damage. Old leaves also tend to hold moisture, which makes them a perfect breeding ground for mold growth, and also susceptible to freezing.

Once you’ve cleared away such debris, take care to clean the unit. This can be done using a hose, or by wiping your system down with a damp cloth. No matter how you choose to clean your air conditioner, the important thing is that you dry it thoroughly.

With the unit thoroughly cleaned and dried, you can then cover it for added protection. Of course, you want to allow proper ventilation to prevent any moisture from building up under the cover. With that in mind, a breathable water-proof cover may be your best option.

Just because the air conditioner is covered doesn’t mean your maintenance obligations have ended. Be sure to monitor the situation, removing any debris that lands on the unit, paying special attention to standing water, snow and ice.

For more on properly maintaining your air conditioner, speak to one of our trained technicians. Contact us today at Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning.

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