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Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970

Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970


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Why You May Want to Cool Your Home without Air Ducts

Traditionally, the use of air ducts in cooling one’s home was the norm. A central air conditioner would remove heat from the air in the house, and that heat would be vented outdoors. Following the removal of this heat, the cooled air would then be redistributed throughout the house via a system of ductwork.

While ducted whole-house cooling systems are still probably the most prevalent cooling option, many homeowners today are opting for ductless alternatives. There are a few reasons as to why they choose to do so. Consider the following information, and let us know if you think that ductless cooling is the right option for your home and personal preferences. If so, schedule your ductless air conditioning services in Fresno, CA with the professional cooling technicians at Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning. 

  1. Efficiency: While air ducts are undoubtedly an effective means by which to distribute conditioned air throughout a household, they are also prone to leaks, tears and other problems. Evenly insufficient duct insulation can lead to serious heat loss or gain, undermining the efficiency with which the system operates. Don’t let air loss or other problems with your air ducts lead to inefficient cooling. By eliminating the need for  ductwork. you can eliminate the risk of such efficiency issues.
  2. Convenience: Generally speaking, the installation of ductwork is best completed at the time of home construction. While you can certainly add ductwork to an existing house, it is a much more involved process, and can be a bit of a headache. Certain home designs may not be able to accommodate ductwork at all. If you would like to incorporate a whole-house cooling system into your home, opting for a ductless system can be of great convenience.
  3. Custom Comfort: When you use a ductless mini split cooling system, you have the power to easily customize the performance of your AC. Each individual blower unit is controlled independently of the others, meaning that you can cool different areas of your home to different temperatures. Contact us today if you want to take advantage of all that ductless cooling has to offer.

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