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Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970


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How Air Balancing and HVAC Maintenance Help Your System

How Air Balancing and HVAC Maintenance Help Your SystemOne important goal of any forced-air heating or cooling system is a proper balance of airflow, both into rooms and back to the furnace or A/C air handler. Air balancing, simply speaking, is making sure that all forced-air vents in the house are putting out air equally. There are some do-it-yourself methods to test the air balance in your home. Try walking between rooms to see if the temperature changes. Place your hand near the ceiling to check for air flow from the vents. If the air isn’t balanced, you may need have a trusted technician install restrictors or dampeners, although the problem may be solved by adjusting or unblocking registers, replacing your HVAC’s air filter, or checking for and fixing ductwork problems, such as leaks or blockages.

If the airflow isn’t properly balanced, it can tax your HVAC system because the equipment is designed to supply air consistently throughout the home. An air imbalance can make it work harder to accomplish this. The airflow imbalance may also lead to issues with humidity.

Why Should You Get Your HVAC System Maintenanced Regularly?

Just like an automobile, your HVAC system requires regular maintenance to work at peak efficiency. In addition to air balance checks, the filters should be changed regularly and vents kept free of debris – all to help keep the air quality up (including reducing allergens) and allow better airflow. For high-efficiency gas furnaces, it’s important to keep the PVC air intake and exhaust vents clean to avoid malfunctions or the retention of dangerous gasses in the home.

There are many more complex things to check, especially on your furnace. Having a professional tighten electrical connections, check the blower and other components for proper functioning is also very important. During a maintenance call , an HVAC professional will perform a three-point check known as TAB (Testing, Adjusting and Balancing) to ensure your system meets design specifications.

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