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Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970


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Potential Causes of Subpar Indoor Air Quality

When you want to live in great comfort in your home, you must look beyond simply maintaining comfortable temperatures therein. Yes, it is important that you are able to heat and cool your home in an effective and reliable manner. Equally important, though, and too often overlooked, is the quality of the air in your home. If you are surrounding yourself with subpar indoor air quality in your living space, then you simply are not going to be able to enjoy the level of comfort that you desire therein. There are many potential causes of subpar indoor air quality in Fresno, CA. Read on, and let Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning know if you are interested in resolving IAQ issues in your home.

Proximity to Roadways or Construction

One of the big challenges that homeowners may encounter with improving their indoor air quality is the fact that certain environmental conditions really cannot be changed. If you live very close to major roadways, construction sites, or even wooded areas, for instance, you may have some issues with indoor air quality stemming from these areas. While we cannot move roadways or construction sites further from your home, though, we can outfit your house with the systems necessary to mitigate the pollutants that they introduce to your living space.


We all love our pets, but few will argue that their presence makes their homes any cleaner. Even short-haired animals will likely shed hair and introduce dander into the environment within your home. Keeping your pets well-groomed or their cages/litter boxes well-cleaned can help to alleviate matters. However, something like an air filtration system can make all the difference in minimizing allergy symptoms and other IAQ issues.

Insufficient Ventilation

Modern homes are constructed to be very tightly sealed, in an effort to ensure that homeowners are able to heat and cool their homes with great efficiency. This also means that your home cannot really breathe, though, which can lead to seriously stale air in the house. Systems such as ERVs help you to enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to great indoor air quality without wasting energy in your home.



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