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Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970

Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970


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Harness the Energy of the Sun This Summer!

We are definitely not at a loss for sunshine in this part of the country. Why not harness the power of that sun for use throughout your home? It’s up there shining away most days anyway, right? When you schedule solar PV panel services in Hanford, CA with a member of our team, you can start putting the sun to work for you. If you are interested in using electricity in your home in a more affordable and environmentally friendly manner, then solar power may be just what you need. The installation of solar PV equipment is something that only trained professionals can handle, of course, so be sure to schedule service with us.

What Are the Benefits of Using Solar PV Panels?

The solar panels that you see in yards and atop houses throughout the area are composed of many smaller solar cells. They are wired together, and they absorb energy from the sun’s rays. This energy is then converted into electricity that can be used to power the various appliances and electronics that you use throughout your home. Depending upon how your solar energy system is set up, you may be able to store solar energy in batteries for those times when you need it when the sun is not out and shining.

The benefits of using solar energy are many. It is an all natural, renewable resource. After the initial investment in your solar equipment, you will start to see major savings on your energy costs, as well. There are also a number of different solar energy incentives and rebates that you should consider if you are on the fence about installing solar equipment in your home. Contact a member of our staff if you have any questions about how choosing to go solar can improve your life.

Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning is the company to call for truly outstanding solar energy services.

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