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Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970


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What Can You Use Solar Energy For?

sunlight-and-solar-panelsOur area gets a good deal of sunlight throughout the year. We know how powerful solar energy can be so if it is shining bright outside, why not use it?

Solar panels in Fresno, CA are a worthwhile investment. This addition to the modern home has the ability to provide you with a renewable and sustainable resource for energy. However, if you are considering solar panels but aren’t sure what you’d use them for, we can help give you some great ideas.

5 Things You Can Use Solar Energy For

Solar power is impressive, to say the least. This source of energy requires no digging deep into the earth’s crust or refining to give you power–just a day with sunlight! And the technology behind solar power is improving every day. If you are considering adding solar panels to your house, we are happy to assist. Here are five things you can use that renewable, sustainable energy for:

  1. Heating up the pool. Have a pool that you need heated? Why not opt to let the sun do the work? Solar panels can power your pool heater and help you warm things up all year long.
  2. Running the AC. You want to keep your house cool this summer but that can get pricey with how high temperatures can get. It can feel great however to use the same sunlight that would heat your home up otherwise to help cool it off!
  3. Charging your car. Electrical cars are just about everywhere. Charging them is a necessity so it is great news to hear that your carport can be solar-powered. This means your car is about as green as it can possibly be!
  4. Heating up water for the house. Did you know you can have a solar-powered water heater in your home? These are incredibly efficient systems along with being reliable sources of hot water all year long.
  5. Subsidizing your electricity bill: Did you know that adding solar panels to your home can actually cut your energy bill down by up to 70%? That’s a big discount! With solar panels on your home feeding your electrical system, you can reduce your use of the public electrical grid and lower your monthly bills.

So, are you ready to get started and install some solar panels to your house? Whatever you plan to use them for, make sure to work with a professional technician to get the job done. Hiring someone inexperienced is a great way to have solar panels that don’t work the way they should. Instead, get the most from your investment by scheduling your solar panel work with a team of professionals like those at Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning.

We strive to provide honest answers and solutions to the problems our customers experience while remaining highly competitive in price, and offer the fastest turnaround you can find! Contact Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning to learn more about your options for solar energy in your home.

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