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Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970

Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970


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Don’t Leave the Batteries in Your Thermostat to Die

There are a lot of different components in your HVAC systems, but you don’t have much direct interaction with most of them. However, you have plenty of interaction with your thermostat. It is the device with which you control the entire HVAC system, and you need it to function properly.

That is why we recommend that you change the batteries in your thermostat before the start of the heating season. The last thing that you want to do is wake up in a freezing house in the morning, just because your batteries died. Following are few points of consideration regarding your thermostat in Fresno, CA.

  • Low battery indicator: One of the easiest ways in which to determine if the problem with your HVAC stems from dead batteries is if you see a battery life warning light flashing. Most thermostats will have a light that will blink to indicate that your batteries are on their way out. Others may emit a regular beep to alert you to the problem. If you’ve been ignoring these warnings, and suddenly your furnace won’t run, there is a very good chance that you just need some fresh batteries.
  • External battery chambers: Modern products are all about being user-friendly, which is why many thermostats have their battery compartments conveniently located right on the front or side of the thermostat. Refer to your user manual if need be, but the compartment is likely going to be very obvious if it is external. Often you need only depress the compartment cover slightly, or pull at a small tab, to expose the batteries in order to change them.
  • Internal battery chambers: Only slightly more complicated is replacing thermostat batteries in an internal chamber. Dislodge the thermostat faceplate from the mount (typically pulling from the bottom first, and then the top, to free it from the wall). On the back of the device, there should be a clearly marked battery compartment. You may need a small screwdriver to release the cover, but chances are that a depressed tab will expose the batteries.

If you have any concerns about your thermostat, give Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning a call anytime.

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