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Serving The Greater Fresno Area Since 1970


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Increase Home Comfort With A Zoning System

Increase Home Comfort With A Zoning System  It almost goes without saying that maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout your home is crucial to your well-being and happiness. Being too hot or too cold can increase your stress level and leave you feeling drained and tired. Fortunately, a zoning system will increase your home comfort by creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in every room in your home.

What Is A Zoning System?

A zoning system directly addresses the main limitation of a single-thermostat system – that the temperature needs wherever that thermostat is located will determine the operation of your furnace and air conditioner, even though other rooms and zones have different factors affecting their temperatures. Zoning systems use separate thermostats and dampers to allow you to control the temperature in multiple rooms or zones independently. This creates the ability to keep certain rooms hotter or colder than others, or to keep them all the same temperature if that’s what you want.

Should I Install A Zoning System?

If you can say yes to any of the following sentences, then you should consider a zoning system to improve your home comfort levels:

  • Your home has multiply stories or a basement or attic.
  • Your house has vaulted ceilings, atrium, lofts or other open and large areas.
  • Family members disagree on temperature settings.
  • Temperature patterns vary throughout the day.
  • Your home or a portion of it is built on a concrete slab floor.
  • Your home is a ranch or has various wings that extend off the main room.
  • Some rooms – such as guest rooms – are only used on occasion.
  • Certain rooms feel stuffy or too cold.

Zoning systems not only allow you full control over the temperatures throughout your home; they also reduce your energy use. With a zoning system, you can set back the temperatures in rooms not regularly used. This simple step will help keep your utility bills at a more manageable level.

For more information on zoning systems and how they can increase comfort in your San Joaquin Valley home, contact Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning.

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