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Common Ductwork Obstructions That May Be Impeding Your Home’s Airflow

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Common Ductwork Obstructions That May Be Impeding Your Home's AirflowDuctwork obstructions can be costly. When airflow is impeded, it requires extra work and energy by your heating and cooling equipment to meet your desired thermostat settings, which elevates your utility bills. It also causes more wear and tear on these systems, which increases your repair bills. Airflow obstructions have a negative impact on your whole-home comfort and indoor air quality. The sooner you have them addressed and repaired, the sooner these issues will be resolved.

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Service Agreements for Your HVAC System Gives You Year-Round Peace of Mind

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

Service Agreements for Your HVAC System Gives You Year-Round Peace of MindYour home’s heating and cooling is just like any other mechanical system – it needs regular maintenance to perform well. Here in the San Joaquin Valley, HVAC equipment get a workout year round, which makes reliability even more essential. An annual service agreement can give you peace of mind that your HVAC system is ready and able to meet your home-comfort needs. You’ll enjoy numerous other benefits, too:

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Finding Air Leaks and Sealing Them Properly Can Cut Energy Costs

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

Finding Air Leaks and Sealing Them Properly Can Cut Energy CostsLocating and effectively sealing air leaks in your Fresno area home is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to improve your home’s indoor comfort level and, at the same time, conserve the energy used for heating and cooling the home. There are dozens of products available for efficiently sealing air leaks, and it’s important to buy and properly apply the ones that best suit your needs. Generally speaking, weatherstripping will be used for sealing leaks around moveable objects such as doors and window sashes, while caulking is best for sealing the gaps and cracks found in stationary areas such as window frames, walls, floors and foundations. For larger cracks and openings, use spray foam.

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Replacing Air Filters in Your Home — 6 Reasons to Make It a Priority

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

California has plenty of initiatives to better its outdoor air quality, but it’s up to homeowners to manage their indoor air quality. Incorporated directly into your forced-air heating and cooling system, an air filter is your first line of defense against airborne particulates. However, it’s important to inspect the air filter once every month, and replace as necessary. Here are six important reasons to keep up on your air filter replacement:

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Getting Away Over the Holidays? Keep Your Home Safe While on Vacation

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Getting Away Over the Holidays? Keep Your Home Safe While on VacationHome safety while on vacation is essential to avoid coming back to a ransacked home, fire or water damage, and other problems. Check out a few tips to ensure your Fresno area home remains safe and secure while you enjoy your vacation:

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Renewable Energy Credits: Could They Be for You?

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Renewable Energy Credits: Could They Be for You?Many homeowners are interested in installing a solar energy system, but are discouraged by the price. Fortunately, incentive programs are available that can make solar energy more affordable. If you are a Fresno area homeowner and are considering installing a solar energy system, you’ll want to check out Renewable Energy Credits (REC).

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Furnace Sizing: If It’s Done Right, You’ll be Comfy and Save

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Furnace Sizing: If It's Done Right, You'll be Comfy and SaveIf you’re in the market for a new furnace, you might think you can just buy one that’s the same size as your old one – but that’s usually a mistake. Newer furnaces are more energy efficient plus many homes have weatherization upgrades as time passes, so a smaller version of your old furnace might adequately heat your home while saving on energy. Besides that, furnace sizing has become a much more precise process in recent years.

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Energy-Efficient HVAC Equipment: What You Should Know

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Energy-Efficient HVAC Equipment: What You Should KnowHere in the greater Fresno area, our semi-arid climate – hot, dry summers with mild, moderately wet winters – typically demands more of A/C equipment than of heating appliances. That said, our coldest months (December and January) see average lows drop to the high 30s. Having an economic heating system, then, is an important consideration to many homeowners, and Energy Star certified appliances are your best bet for energy-efficient HVAC equipment. 

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Really Going Green: 10 Tips for Your Home

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Here are 10 easy ways that you can get on the path toward going green in your San Joaquin Valley home.

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