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Is Your Energy Bill Giving You a Heart Attack?

yellingThere is something keeping you awake at night and it isn’t the fear of a monster under your bed. It’s the worry over your energy bill at the end of the month. How bad is it going to be? How out-of-budget can you go before you are looking at using candlelight to get by? And what in the world is causing your bills to go so high?

There is a strong chance that your energy bill troubles originate with your Madera, CA HVAC system. It is an issue that we see a lot this time of year, as people wrap up the cooling season and switch their focus to keeping warm. Is there a problem with your AC unit or your heater?

Let’s dive into what might be causing those heart-stoppingly high energy bills and how to address it.

You have a really dirty filter

Your HVAC system filter keeps dirt and debris out of the internal components of your system(s). However, that means that over time it will collect a lot of that debris and hang onto it. If your filter becomes too dirty it will hinder the airflow into your HVAC system, forcing it to work harder to provide the comfort you need and driving up your energy bills. What’s more, it can even increase the risk of repair needs too.

Your AC unit has a major repair need

Maybe your air conditioner is already in need of some extra help. It’s been running all summer and after several hard months, it finally developed a problem that requires repairs. The increase in your monthly bills is sometimes a sign that your AC system is fighting to do its job due to issues that might include a refrigerant leak or a dirty evaporator coil.

Your heater needs maintenance

Have you started to use your heating system and noticed that it is sending your energy bills soaring? That isn’t right! If you haven’t already, make sure to schedule maintenance for your heating system. The check-up that maintenance involves will improve your heater’s efficiency, preventing a drop of about 5% each year. It will also address issues like loose parts or dirt build-up that might hinder efficiency too. A professional can provide maintenance that ensures your heater works effectively and efficiently in the coming months.

There is an issue with your ductwork

The issue with extra energy being used up may also originate in your ductwork. Dirty ducts can hinder airflow and mess with your comfort. Duct leaks can be even worse as they let the clean, temperature-controlled air that your HVAC system produces and lets it escape into the walls or crawlspace of your home, forcing those systems to work even harder! Problems in your ducts can be a major source of inefficiency so make sure to have a professional check them.

Halloween is right around the corner. Let us help make sure that the only thing giving you a fright in the coming weeks is your favorite spooky movie.

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